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Social Security Number

How to request the number

The first thing is to know if your visa allows you to have a Social Security Number. You can also apply if you do not have a work permit, but in that case you must justify the reason why you are requesting it (in my case it was to get my driver's license)

When we arrived, I thought that since I still didn't have a work permit, I couldn't have the number but I could (in my case with my visa if it was allowed). check here

You will need it to open a bank account, make the income statement or for the driver's license

It is best to go to the office closest to your home (by appointment) but it can be done online

Documentation required in the case of not being a US citizen or not having a Green Card (Non Resident)

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Form I-94 (always keep updated)

  • Address Home

In about two or three weeks the paper arrives at home

NEVER GIVE THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER outside of the processes in which it is necessary to provide it (banks, DMV, Taxes...), because there is a lot of identity theft to create false documentation.

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