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Palo Alto

"Palo Alto is a city in the county of Santa Clara, in the state of California (United States). It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the extreme north of Silicon Valley, near Stanford University (technically the university is located in Stanford).

Known as the "birthplace of Silicon Valley," Palo Alto is home to 69,700 residents and nearly 100,000 jobs. The City of Palo Alto offers strong community amenities including 36 parks, 39 playgrounds, five community and youth centers, 41 miles of bike/hike trails, and five libraries. The city also manages a regional airport and provides fire, police, and emergency services. Palo Alto is an award-winning city nationally recognized as innovative and well-run, one of the few cities in California with an AAA bond rating.

As a global center for technology and innovation, Palo Alto is the corporate headquarters for many world-class companies and research facilities such as VMWare, Hewlett-Packard, and Tesla. Home to Stanford University and a world-class public school system, Palo Alto also boasts beautiful and historic residential neighborhoods, vibrant shopping and commercial districts.

The city of Palo Alto was founded in 1796. The name of the city comes from a giant sequoia called 'El Palo Alto', a first instance by the Spanish sailors who traced the route of the Manila Galleon and later by the Mexicans. The name was assigned due to the size and great visibility of a tree in the San Francisco Bay Area, and served as a reference point to know where to stopover and rest (small facilities were built for it), once they returned from the hard trip to the Philippines. This trip was made once or twice a year, and the crews were generally different from the previous year, so it was necessary to use clear geographical references for the changing crews; "dock at El Palo Alto".

It is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, the value of the house has a lot to do with it, but this deserves a separate entry.

Palo Alto is also home to the offices of Google, VMWare, PayPal, and the companies Apple, Facebook, and Pinterest.

It is also the place where the first cyberactivist organization in history was born, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, for possible attempts to induce nuclear wars"

Information taken from the two internet pages

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