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Napa Valley

Napa County is north of San Francisco, in California. It's known for hundreds of hillside vineyards in the Napa Valley wine region.

I can say that the weekend we spent in Napa Valley has been very special.

It was my birthday and we didn't plan to do anything. But a week before, Paulo came up with the idea of ​​going somewhere near Palo Alto for the weekend. Since I don't need much to cheer me up, we start looking at places, there are many nearby, each one more attractive.

Napa Valley was always on the list so we looked at hotels and there wasn't much going on because there was the bottlerockfestival. We found a 15-minute drive from Napa one that belongs to the hotel chain of which Paulo is a member and we got a room, at an exorbitant price, but as my husband said … it's your birthday!!

Since we arrived here, I had the winetrain in mind because the fact of visiting the wineries and vineyards in an old train seemed original to me. I looked for ticket availability and there was one for my birthday! We couldn't be luckier!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, checked in at the hotel and went directly to Downtown Napa and in just 15 minutes of Uber, we were already in a charming town. There are 3 streets with restaurants and wineries to taste wines.

It has a river along which boat routes can be taken and along it there is a very pleasant walk. We had dinner there and after a lively evening walk we returned to the hotel.

Sunday dawned on a beautiful, sunny day, which heralded an unforgettable walk.

Again in Uber (a Tesla) we headed to the train station. Boarding was at 10:15 am and they asked to be at 9:45 am.

When you arrive at the station you already feel like you are in a movie from the past. They give you the tickets and you board an impeccably preserved period train.

They assign you a table and you already have 2 glasses of champagne to welcome you!

The adventure begins!

The route begins and breakfast is served with the images of the vineyards passing before your eyes.

Like 45 minutes later you are invited to an open wagon that stops in front of the famous Napa Valley sign, time to explain the history of Napa and do a tasting of 3 wines.

We got off the train to take the typical tourist photos.

We follow the path and while you enjoy the main course, previously chosen from three options, the vineyards and wineries accompany you while the train goes at a speed that allows you to enjoy the views.

Stop at the first winery to do the tasting and learn about the history of their vineyards and the family. As a personal wish because I was reliving my childhood, I asked them to visit the barrel area and they let us in. (somewhat surprised 😶)

We boarded the train again, and while we were on our way to the next winery, we were given an aperitif. In the second winery, they explained the history of their vineyards (here the strains reminded me more of those from La Rioja) and a tasting of four wines. There is a store where it is impossible to leave without buying anything and back to the train. Dessert, coffee and way back admiring the vineyards.

Maybe I like to admire the vines because I grew up surrounded by them and I observed the differences between those from La Rioja and those from California. With more French influence.

We arrived at the station at 4:15 in the afternoon with one more unforgettable experience in our lives.

If I recommend it? Yesiiiiii

It is expensive? Yes, $625 per person plus tip. But considering that they take you, they feed you a full menu and they make you 3 wine tastings and you know the history of 2 wineries and we are in California, not so bad!

I can say that it has been a special birthday next to my life partner. It was a visit that we had on the list and it could not have been more unforgettable.


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