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Driver's License and Real ID


If you are going to stay in California, it is advisable to get your driver's license.

When requesting the Card you can request the Real ID, which as of May 3, 2023 is necessary to be able to travel within the USA by plane or visit federal buildings

To start the process

You must fill in the data so that they give you a code and thus be able to go to the nearest DMV

Once you choose the DMV, you must bring this documentation

  • Updated I-94

  • Rental agreement (complete)

  • An invoice proving that you reside at the address

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Social Security number (If you cannot have it, you must go to the social security office to make a letter stating that you are not "eligible" to have social security)

At the DMV you deliver the papers, a tax is paid and they you need to pass a vision test

You need to pass a theory exam again and take a practical exam.

The theoretical exam is done in person on computers. You can do it in different languages

You can download the manual (I recommend reading the manual before taking the exam)

Once you pass the theory you must make an appointment to do the practical

To take the Behind--The-Wheel-Drive test

  • You must be accompanied by a person who has a valid California driver's license,

  • Car papers in order

  • Insurance paid on the date of the exam

  • Bring your own car.

You have 3 opportunities to pass the theory and 3 to pass the practical

Good Luck!!!!

By the way, once a year a tax is paid, Validated Registration Card. The DMV sends you home the renewal note to make the payment. They give you a sticker that you put on the car's license plate.

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